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The next class is to be determined by appointment.  As a class sponsor, you can bring a total of 8 people.  Tuition is $1,750 for a day (50% deposit required).  If there are vacant seats and you don't mind non-sponsored folks attending, we will split their $350 pp tuition with you as the sponsor.   

Tuition is $350 per person for non-sponsored students ($100 pp deposit* required).  If you are interested in attending our next class (if seats available), please email or call and let us know.  We will announce the next available class. 

Classes are conducted in our log home and class size is limited to 8 people.  You will receive a 39 pg booklet of the class and a copy of the Powerpoint CD.   

Sign-in is at 8 am, class starts at 8:05 am and ends around 5-6 pm.  Includes an outstanding pizza lunch provided by our local pizzarie;  we will have vegetarian, pepperoni, barbecued chicken, etc., to get everyone covered.   

Balance of tuition is due on day of class, cash or checks.  We do not accept credit cards although we do take Paypal for deposits (Paypal address is ).

Please note, we have cats, so if you are badly allergic to cats, you should not attend the class. 

We are located about 30 miles south of Olympia and 10 miles east.  The area is rural and quiet. You are welcome to take a walk in the woods at lunch break.  Be sure to bring a raincoat and shoes that you can remove easily  as we will be going outside several times for demonstrations (no muddy shoes in the house).   Thanks !

Note, if you are flying in, we are located half way between Seattle and Portland.  Seattle is often less expensive but the Portland airport is easier to get around. 

* on the deposit, we will refund if cancelled more than 30 days before class, otherwise it will be credited to a future class.