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One of our students was recently featured in a magazine with his log building:  http://www.bloggingthegoodlife.com/featured-homes/rollies-cabin-what-3-old-guys-and-a-kid-for-muscle-did-when-they-were-looking-for-something-to-do-2/


Here is what a student from one of our May, 2014 classes had to say: " Thank you so much for the opportunity of attending your great class.  I feel I accomplished my learning goals. The Onalaska Log Building School significantly boosted my knowledge base and confidence in moving forward with my own log home.  

Earlier this year I attended a different training that taught the same  butt & pass method but it was solely classroom-based instruction (Las Vegas).  What positively distinguishes the Onalaska Log Building School is that you provided actual, physical hands-on experience of the different stages of log home construction.  Just as you explained on your website, itís proven very true that itís one thing to be told how to work with log construction but itís much more valuable to actually do it (with instruction). Thank you for providing that to me.

Learning from a husband-and-wife team who are truly experts in this style of log home construction was a profoundly inspirational and meaningful experience because it showed more than just the mechanics of construction - it touched on the spirit of family and home, and it gave me and my own wife a real example of what potential we have of doing for ourselves, just like you two.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your home and sincere hospitality.

Ashland, Montana"

Dave and Bonnie S. (class of 2012) are currently building 2 log structures in Satsop, Washington and are making great progress (photos).  They have started building number 2 and have the ridge pole up.  dave 2016 log 1.JPG (650411 bytes) dave row 4 june 2016.JPG (752056 bytes)dave center post 1.JPG (727505 bytes)dave center post4.JPG (749128 bytes)2nd floor joist.JPG (668295 bytes)ridgepole on deck1.JPG (808095 bytes)ridgepole on deck3.JPG (612672 bytes)dave bonnie ridge pole on deck.JPG (494743 bytes)rp up.JPG (343236 bytes)rp up2.JPG (428534 bytes)2016 rafters up.JPG (123782 bytes)2016 log work done.JPG (599542 bytes)Dave has posted a blog webpage of his building experience, well worth reading!   www.logcabinfromscratch.com  If you have taken our class and want to give Dave a hand, please let me know and I'll forward to him.

Rollie and Barbara S. (class of 2013) are doing great on their log building in Lake Wenatchee, Washington. They just finished putting on the metal roof.  Rollie and all.JPG (873702 bytes)Rollie S  9 row.jpg (141167 bytes)second floor joists.JPG (49129 bytes)Rollie May 2016 4.jpg (110676 bytes)Rollie May 2016 3.jpg (97597 bytes)Rollie 2016 outside of bldg.JPG (155169 bytes)decking going on.JPG (123211 bytes)entry way2.JPG (108835 bytes)roof on 3.jpg (2972042 bytes)roof on 1.jpg (4787529 bytes)


Margaret, who took the June 25, 2016 class, started a small log cabin (200 sq ft) in her backyard in Olympia in July, and she finished the log work within a month, great going !  Marg row 4.JPG (975501 bytes)Marg row 12.JPG (877531 bytes)Margaret row 18.JPG (1046497 bytes)log work done.JPG (1041736 bytes)She is now on finish work.  after bargeboard.JPG (856918 bytes)partial stained.JPG (162525 bytes)